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Our Charge-It purchasing program will allow you to charge purchases that you make at the Western AS Bookstore to your WWU Student Account. Who can use it? - Any student registered for classes. What is it? - You can purchase any item at the Western AS Bookstore or through our online store. Third party vendors will not accept your student account info (Book Renter, Amazon, Abe, ect.) How do I use it? - You can use Charge-It for all Western AS Bookstore purchases both in the store and the bookstore's online store. Bring your Western ID to the cash register in the bookstore. Once your transaction has processed your purchases will be added to your student account balance. For online purchases, select ";student account charge"; and enter your Western ID number. How Much? - There will be a $600 limit beginning 4 weeks preceding the first day of each quarter. The system will not allow you to charge more than $600 per quarter. If a transaction goes over this amount, you will be asked for another form of payment to complete your transaction. Billing? - Bookstore purchases will be posted to your WWU Student Account daily. Charges are due 30 days from the date of the transaction. Transactions will appear on your Monthly Billing Statement at the close of each month. To pay your student account bill, stop by the Student Business Office in Old Main or pay online via Web4U. Late Fees will be assessed on past due charges (over 30 days beyond the transaction date). Why? - The Charge-It purchasing program will allow students to purchase textbooks before financial aid arrives. The program is designed to make payment a much simpler process by consolidating your WWU purchases into your Student Account. The bookstore no longer accepts credit card information over the phone.Questions? Feel free to email us at asbookstore@wwu.edu for any other questions you might have.
Fall 2014 Charge-it! Charge your Bookstore purchases to your student account August 27th - October 28th If you want to use Charge-it for textbooks prior to this date, order your books and we'll pull them and charge your account on the 27th!
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